Paris is like the most photographed place on the planet.  Everyone is always taking pictures of everything in Paris. I don't know how Parisians can stand it, except they do it all the time too.  Most of the time I resist, but sometimes I can't stop myself.  

Chartier, where I met with Aunt Mill and Felix.
Polidor, where James Joyce used to take the whole family.
Pavillion de la Fontaine in the Luxembourg Garden, on winter day.
The light from the windows of San Chapelle that lifts you off your feet.
The door of Lupatreaux's rare books store, behind the Palais Royal.
Spooky stairs to Lupatreaux's book store.
When someone is following you, use reflections to see who it is.
The picture Sief took of the guy who was following me.
The rue where Lucia and I encountered street photographers.
Window reflection near Place d'Opera.
Window reflection on rue Saint Honoré.
Graf on rue de la Montagne Saint Geneviève.
Window reflection, gazing at shoes in a shop window, rue Saint Honeré.
Window reflection, rue Saint Antoine.
Window reflection, antique store on rue Mazarine.
Window reflection,Tour Jean Sans Peur, in the Marais.