Flattery for the Misadventures of Daisy Tannenbaum Series by J.T. Allen



Daisy is steadfast and intelligent, and her casual first-person narration quickly establishes a rapport with readers [who] should enjoy watching Daisy’s quick thinking in action.” —BookLife Reviews for Publishers Weekly


"Daisy Tannenbaum - You are my hero! Talk about female empowerment, this almost-teen has more spunk than any superhero I know and best of all, she kicks butt in the City of Light. Daisy in Exile is set in beautiful Paris so her action-packed story is littered with many of my favorite places plus some new ones. I really enjoyed the read and can heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoys the spirit of Paris told by someone who obviously knows the city well. Can't wait for Daisy's next adventure!" —Michelle Moggio author of The Paris Effect

“…fun and whimsical, the plot hits all the notes of teen action adventures…” —LiteraryTreats.com

“Daisy’s inner monologues are hilarious, her commentary spot-on (for a kid that age!) and the plot development was quick and easy to follow. J.T. Allen’s got all the right pieces in place for a long bright future with Daisy at his side.”  —IveReadThis.com


"J.T. Allen has created an unforgettable character any young girl would love to call her friend and given young readers an introduction to the City of Light they will never forget. Daisy's charm is that she tackles each extraordinary escapade with the same fearless good humor as she confronts the more typical challenges of childhood. Young readers will immediately identify with Daisy as they fall in love with her courage and ingenuity. Daisy's amazing adventures will keep children reading well past their bedtimes!" —Diana Falk, Norwin Public Library Director

"I love the main character, Daisy. She has so much...character!! Daisy in Exile is original, the plot exciting...the language fun and easy to read...I love the humor in the story too. All in all a great book for girls and their moms!"  —Miss Nathalie Paris, Mobile Librarian at Natta-Lingo and Primary Languages Teacher, UK


“...An adventurous filled romp through the streets of France…Though, this was my first introduction to Daisy , I’ve gotta say…she’s a pretty great gal. She stands up for the underdog, speaks her mind without being rude about it, and when she smells a rat, there’s no way you can keep her from uncovering the who, what, why, and how of it all. I say bravo to the author for creating such a fun character that readers would love to call friend while infusing the story with enough history to have them not only walk away entertained, but sneakily educated…” —InsatiableReaders.blogspot.com